Calderwood Consulting build, update and manage Google Ad accounts for a number of clients across a range of industries. Based in Perth, Scotland, and working with companies based both locally and globally. 

Your competitors are attracting your customers by ranking higher on the Google search page, Google Ads (pay per click) can help you attract the right customer, with the right intent and at the right time by placing your message above the organic search results. 


I can help you and your business get more leads, sales and grow!

Google Ads Management & Google Partner

Google Ads (Pay Per Click)
I work with you and your business to learn more about your business and your industry so to create a pay per click account that attracts the right customers, with the correct intent, for you. Monthly reports are provided as are monthly phone or online consultations. 

Ad Account Build



What Will I Do For You?

When you agree to work with me I conduct research on key terms from your website, your market and identified keywords from multiple tools so to get a complete picture of the terms that currently drive traffic to your site and are being used by your ideal customers to find similar businesses to yours. 

We will also discuss what you are looking to achieve from your Google Ad account. Your advertising campaign could be to generate leads, increase sales or simply raise brand awareness... I will ensure your account is set up correctly based on your goal. 

If you have an active Google Ads account I will spend time reviewing the data therein and, if applicable, I will offer you insights into 'quick wins' whilst your new campaigns are being created. 

Following the above research I will create new campaigns that are focused on the services that you offer and are reflective of the offerings on your website. Your account will be set up as follows:

  • Campaign Settings - a structured set up focusing on locations, devices, demographics, ad rotation, bidding strategy, ad schedule and more... 

  • Campaigns & Ad Groups - a representation of the services/products on your site, segregated to allow for management at the base level and account spend management

  • Keywords - identified keywords created within a relevant Ad Group to allow for efficient management and base level bidding.

  • Negative Keywords - keyword lists that are designed to limit the presence of your ads on search terms that are not relevant to you and your business. These keywords help to reduce wasted ad spend.

  • Adverts - relevant ad copy created that reflects both what is being searched for and the information that is present on the landing page. 

All of the above is done in a one week period and, at the end of this process, I will arrange a call with you to discuss the set up and refine as required based on our discussions. 

The new campaigns created will be structured, focused and attract relevant traffic to your site. 

During this phase I will request access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts. If you do not have access to one or both, I will have these created for you and set up correctly, free of charge. 

So Far So Good, Now What?

When we have agreed that the new Google Ads account structure is ready the new campaigns can be made live. 

Over the next 5 to 10 days I will manage the bidding daily to try and find the 'sweet spot' bid that allows for you to be ranked on page 1, and 'above the fold', of Google for relevant terms. This management will ensure that you do not bid blindly for a position on Google and is conducted in a manner that ensures you do not waste ad budget. 


For example, a suggested bid for the first spot on Google may be £1 but position 2, still above the fold and on page 1 of Google, converts just as many (or more in some cases) as position 1 but is 20% cheaper... I focus the bid strategy on position 2 and keep your spend to a minimum. 

I continue to conduct searches on Google to gauge success and presence whilst modifying bids, up and down, to maximise the effectiveness of your Ad account. 

I am available for any discussions you have during this phase and I will keep you updated on the account during the initial 'ramp up' phase. 

End Of Month 1

I will arrange for a voice call/video call to suit your schedule to discuss the account in detail. Ideally this call will involve me sharing my screen to walk through the account and the the changes made during the first month.

Goals and actions for the following month will be discussed and those responsible for said actions will be identified. I will send a follow up email to reaffirm our discussion so to ensure nothing is missed. 

Please allow for at least an hour in your diary for our call! 

A report dashboard will be created for you that will allow a high level overview of your Google Ad account, this dashboard can be tailored for your needs so to ensure you are across the metrics you require. 


My account management is very hands on... I will revise bids based on the environment at that time. This could be due to new entrants to the market, new products/services being added to your site (or older products/services being removed) and seasonality. 

I will continue to create new ad copy that builds on the success of those that precede and continue to add both positive and negative keywords based on the impressions that the ads have received. 


Monthly calls will be scheduled to discuss the account but I am always contactable to discuss any queries you may have in relation to Google Ads.   

Sound Good? Great...

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